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A unique opportunity to experience intercultural management first-hand by living and studying in three different countries over three years

  • Study each year in a different campus, without having to compromise on academic excellence
  • Experience intercultural management first-hand
  • Unique interdisciplinary programme combining management, liberal arts and languages
  • Compulsory internships and/or social impact projects
  • Personal development workshops to improve your study, research and communication skills
  • Study entirely in English or take some classes in French, German or Spanish
  • Gain or improve proficiency in an additional two languages


Challenge yourself intellectually and acquire skills for a top international career

Learning about Business Management in a Cross-cultural context

During the course of this three-year, three-country programme, you will truly get to know and understand diverse cultures and approaches to management – both through your multi-campus travel and the experience of working with your international peers.
By the conclusion of the Bachelor, you will have acquired the necessary background and knowledge in management, economics, and law, complemented by the fundamentals of maths, accounting and statistics. All modules have been chosen to provide you with a solid foundation for a career in business across a range of different industry sectors and management domains.

Working as a team with people all over the world

You develop presentation, communication and research skills, as well as gaining fluency in several languages.
Group work and collective projects are an integral part of the programme, allowing you to gain insights into working as a team with people all over the world, both face-to-face and digital technology.

Learning about Liberal Arts and Humanities

The inclusion of liberal arts and humanities modules (e.g. Psychology and Sociology) will give you an important understanding of business in a wider context, to think outside the box and develop different ways of thinking.


Bachelor of Science in Management programme following international standards. Fully compliant with the EU Bologna process.


  • The Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme is recognised as “Diplôme d’études supérieures en commerce et entrepreneuriat” (Visa Bac+3) by the French Ministry of Higher Education Research and Innovation (MESRI) in France.



  • Small group pedagogy allowing for in-class interactivity and regular face-to-face time with top international faculty.
  • Multinational teamwork and development of intercultural skills highly appreciated by employers.
  • Practical real-life cases and business simulations to prepare you for your first steps into the corporate world.
  • In-depth development of presentation and communication skills, as well as written competencies.
  • Collective projects to trigger student-led initiatives, developing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Internships and social projects facilitated by our strong links to the corporate and institutional worlds, providing you valuable professional experiences.

Bringing concepts to life

We believe that theory is nothing without practice, so internships and social impact projects provide the opportunity for you to bring your learned concepts and techniques to life.
The Bachelor thesis brings the programme to a close, consolidating the past three years of learning and working in a multicultural environment and preparing you for the next steps in their career, be it in postgraduate study or graduate work opportunities.

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Heubnerweg 8

14059 Berlin



As a state-recognized university, ESCP counts among the most prestigious and leading business schools in Germany. ESCP regularly occupy top spots in both national and international rankings (#1 Master in Management in Germany, #5 worldwide, #1 Executive MBA and #1 in Custom Executive Education in Germany).

In Berlin, ESCP has particular expertise in 3 academic Key areas the areas, namely sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitalisation with a foundation of international management.

Companies such as Accenture, Bain, Bayer, Coca-Cola and P&G closely collaborate with us and stay in continuous contact due to the quality of our faculty, their research as well as the top quality of our students and alumni.

Get to know the most European business school in Germany yourself with its unique intercultural spirit at ESCP Berlin. Please contact us or simply pay us a visit. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaplan, MPA
Rector ESCP Berlin